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Sora no daikaijû Radon
Year: 1956
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi
Rating: (6.3)
Country: Japan
Runtime: 82 min.
Director: Ishirô Honda
Studio: Toho Company, Ltd.
Cast: Akihiko Hirata / Kenji Sahara / Yumi Shirakawa / Akio Kobori / Yasuko Nakada / Minosuke Yamada / Yoshifumi Tajima / Kiyoharu Onaka / Ichirô Chiba / Mike Daneen / Tsurue Ichimanji / Saburô Iketani / Saburô Kadowaki / Tateo Kawasaki / Kanta Kisaragi
In the Japanese mining village of Kitamatsu, miners ares starting to disappear deep inside shaft number 8. Some of the men sent to investigate are killed but one who has managed to escape brings back a tale of a giant insect. Soon, the giant prehistoric insects are attacking the village. Not long after, something traveling faster than the speed of sound is found flying in the sky. It is Rodan, a giant flying prehistoric reptile that has come to life. It spreads terror throughout Japan and is seemingly invincible to any weapon they may throw at it.
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